“What’s next?” 

It’s a common question facing Veterans after retiring from service, whether it’s from external pressure, a recurring inner monologue or a resurfacing predicament when opportunities fall through time and time again. But for Veterans like Chad Denham, Arthur and Nina Fonteneaux, and Dr. Vanity Barr-Little, they found their answer and newfound purpose as franchise owners with Sylvan Learning Center. 


“Veterans make fantastic Sylvan owners,” said Jeff Stephenson, Vice President of Franchise Development at Sylvan. “They are committed to serving others, disciplined and have a strong work ethic. These are all qualities we value in franchise owners and have seen firsthand how they play into the success of a center.”


Arthur and Nina Fonteneaux recently pursued franchise ownership with Sylvan and are already multi-center owners in Texas. Arthur served in the United States Army for 20 years, retiring as a Senior NCO, and currently serves as a State Law Enforcement Officer. Nina is also a military Veteran and is now a nurse practitioner working toward her doctorate. 


“As Veterans and first responders, Nina and I have an up-close look at the real needs in our world and local community,” said Arthur. “We see that students are struggling and feel the responsibility to provide a welcoming, positive environment for them to get the educational support they need outside of the classroom.”


Dr. Vanity Barr-Little is an Air Force Veteran with a doctoral degree in business. She discovered her love of learning by experiencing different cultures and people during her time in the service, and it was further ignited after advocating for her children’s academic needs. Now, she has invested that passion into two Sylvan centers in Florida, one of which recently opened in Riverview. 


“I knew I wanted to continue serving others after retiring from the Air Force,” said Barr-Little. “Sylvan was the perfect way to positively impact students’ lives, and ultimately, generations to come.”


For Chad Denham, the road to finding a career he was passionate about looked a little different. After serving as a Navy Corpsman for the United States Marine Corps, he graduated from San Diego State University and worked in high-level, business-to-business sales for more than two decades. 


“I reached a point in my career where I wanted to do something I was passionate about, and Sylvan was the perfect fit,” said Denham. “Growing up, I had a challenging home life and struggled in school. I’m on a mission to help children dealing with similar issues by supporting their needs and building their confidence in the classroom to carry them the rest of their lives.”


Sylvan is a notably low-cost franchise, and the company has made ownership for Veterans even more attainable by offering a 10% discount off of the franchise fee. 


Are you ready to make a lasting impact on generations to come? Start by visiting SylvanFranchise.com